The message calls hopeful of IPhone of edition of Chinese UniCom WiFi put on sale

The mobile telephone that offers in the mainland at present, include IPhone inside, do not have WiFi function for network safety. Nevertheless, uniCom is formal after IPhone of put on sale, hong Kong and other area have the IPhone of Wi-Fi function, still be in the mainland market put on sale, and was not cut by attack by surprise as a result of the function, reason this is more welcome. To face competition, uniCom hopes the government allows their put on sale to have the IPhone of WiFi edition, and divulge according to message of personage of know the inside story relevant section has agreed roughly. And after WiFi edition appears on the market, the original IPhone mobile phone that does not have WiFi is OK and free " add outfit " WiFi. Additional, still hearsay points out UniCom can lower the price of IPhone. And UniCom also hopes mobile phone of Google Android of put on sale, in order to attract more user.

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