Wrist expresses magnate day shuttle: Make IPhone " outdoors wrist watch "

Touch accuse technical forerunner day shuttle rolled out a brand-new IPhone function, can make a few in applying wrist of series of day shuttle Teng Zhi to express 15 functions IPhone user is direct, and watch of this series wrist is to cater to the demand that the outdoors adventure such as professional climber and ultimate ski personage moves. The GPS technology of the buy inside the phone can obtain the reading that shows the altimeter on wrist watch and compass normally easily, and time with noisy the mode of operation of the operation Yi Ru that is troubled by a function and wrist watch is identical, more offer fictitious value thermometer and barometer. The portal that leads to day shuttle to vacate wisdom wrist to express passes this brand-new IPhone function, accredit user is OK all sorts of functions that the Gao Zhitu on screen of phone of by means of resembles showing roughly feeling is vacated wisdom wrist to express place to have by day shuttle. The function of interactive sex offerred wrist to express the important and additional information of function and design, bought a personage to offer potentially for what wrist expresses buy guide. This function still included positioner of shop of shuttle of a day, news and information opened the of all kinds brand that its offer to lead to day shuttle the gate of colorful world.

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