Japanese scale is the largest store of camera of BIC of IPhone monopolistic settle

This month 12 days, the 4th big home appliance of Japanese interlinks tycoon BIC camera, deputy floor of happy Ding shop opens trade again. Among them, most conspicuous is the IPhone with the largest scale of market of the Japan before this inn added item monopolistic hall. According to saying, monopolistic hall records the IPhone with this eve the biggest our market, be located in the LABI Japan registered office of pool bag to maintain by hillside plot electric machinery all the time. And BIC camera has Le Ding inn criterion with 55 IPhone3Gs real opportunity, 10 obtain soft silver-colored shift " IPhoneMaster " (be equivalent to AppleGenius attestation) the expert class counterjumper of qualificatory attestation, refresh the record that hillside plot electric machinery held nearly 5 many months. In addition, the side is shown in correlation, BIC camera also does not provide craftsmanship, make IPhone monitor of digital camera, camera, TV, computer, net swim, report plays those who wait for consumptive electron product " masses lover " , all-around demonstrate IPhone to figure kind of powerful function that packs application software beforehand. Of course, the way that travels together with Korea is similar, BIC camera still acts the role of tide daughter taste those who serve as IPhone " buy give a partner " , the IPhone gift that amounts to on 1000 makes the scene " beautiful scenery " , attracted come inn " belles " a lot of " exuding tenderness and love through eyes " eye, become them " clean out treasure " object. Chinese CECA prepares appoint can relevant controller expresses: "The phase is retail to Chinese mobile phone channel serves as IPhone only ' eyeball commodity ' sell, grab dozen ' head sell a brand ' primary sale shift, the IPhone sale of BIC camera is worth to consider and learn more apparently. If do not have so much year good market environment, of outstanding achievement fast growth buckish mask, chinese home appliance interlinks management level to be able to 't bear be being carried simply. If want to be walked out of really, making fun of while people says bad Chinese, the tycoons of industry of chain of Chinese home appliance want the heart below empty to come really, learn like overseas person of the same trade well. The oldest rate reduces such ability ' the horizontal stroke in the nest, the Song outside the nest ' tragic loss rate. "

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