UniCom IPhone depreciates the hearsay exposes Chinese 3G to develop pain spot

The hearsay it may be said that depreciated about UniCom IPhone recently is 3 fold. It is to analyse an orgnaization to say UniCom future can be reduced first at present of IPhone price 20% , 30% with the IPhone that pushs supportive Wi-Fi function, but Chang Xiaobing of Chinese UniCom CEO appears personally later denied this one information. Its reason is UniCom it is the telegraphic operation business that professional work of a management shift gives priority to, do not place absolutely go making money on management mobile phone, and at present the price of IPhone is it is the price with uniform international, more important is, the power to make decisions of IPhone price is in malic one party. From above the explanation of UniCom CEO looks, it seems that fair and reasonable, but fine fine consider, still have the place that deserves deliberate. Since speak of the price that unites with international, see UniCom IPhone, no matter be bare chance, the price that the price after still be being bound with oneself or far outclass IPhone cooperate in the United States and AT&T. Even if add so called all sorts of duty, the author thinks also prep above the real value of IPhone. Actually this reveals a price that is terminal itself not simply tall, endowment cost also wants our 3G prep above other people. So next through what the operation business that the problem is us makes money? The explanation according to UniCom should not be terminal, it is application. The key that so UniCom calls his allowance for this is not in terminal. But contradictory is, look from endowment cost, we appear in the subsidy that uses a field also is not very reach the designated position. Where is that allowance key of our 3G after all? Change character, what should Chinese 3G rely on to attract an user after all in the initial stage of development? Is terminal still application? 3G should regard malic IPhone as the times inside course of study use model and eagerly follow the lead of, thinking by accident is application is only king when, probably not little person had forgotten at the outset when IPhone is released, its applied far from now the amount of 150 thousand, tell from this meaning, it is the IPhone terminal that has competition ability first, ability is ecbolic the application that its grow ceaselessly, and application removed counterforce to terminal again. Look from today's 3G market, integrated terminal and application, without which manufacturer OK compare the United States with malic IPhone. Also be based on this, the United States invests the relevant report of the bank to show, show an user without any evidence or operation business is inimical to the price existence of IPhone. Operation business contends for the operation of IPhone to counterpoise eagerly even. In the past inside 4 months, the IPhone operation business that adds newly achieves 15. So say frankly in our operation business terminal is to restrict Chinese 3G to erupt at present the biggest obstacle that the gender increases, why can you still go up in the strength of allowance overcautious and indecisive? Will look from this, the apple is absent on the root, and the importance that depended on our operation him business whether realizing terminal after all. Because put allowance strength to terminal currently only, had platform, ability can have the development on application, ability makes money from application. Very apparent, there is huge error on the UniCom understanding in this respect at least. Additional, the case that sells from UniCom IPhone looks, also do not make a person hopeful. What make the author afraid more is, once in shift takes next malic IPhone in a certain time of future, uniCom on competitive terminal send advantage general first not answer existence, and the mobile actual strength in depending on, if take larger subsidy strength, uniCom arrives if allowance of again passive in those days change is politic, what its desertion will be more than it is profit. The means here, the allowance focus that UniCom changes him now is appropriate meantime. Begin from last year actually, business of 3 big telegraphic operation thinks the lack of terminal is the obstacle with main development of 3G of block up China. Had so last year of terminal of business of 3 big operation " fruit " contention battle. Arrived this year, said terminal to there should be great progress last year relatively after experiencing development of a year normally, fact also should such. But advanced before long, outside president Wang Jianzhou moving to be opposite in, the group says, the development of 3G is the at present most crucial the terminal that should have had, and the terminal that wants low. This also explains from a flank, the good terminal that lacks low still is Chinese 3G this year whether what develop at a stride is painful. How can you just let an user get having so already good the terminal of low? Everybody knows, petty gain does not have the simple truth of good money, alleged cheap and fine the ideal of the conduct propaganda that is a manufacturer only then and user one's own wishful thinking stopped. The collaboration of that apple IPhone and AT&T offerred a good implementation means at least, that is a large number of allowance to good terminal. The fact proves, it is helpful for the development of business of operation business oneself not only, can invite the application that the market and user experience really to 3G is brought more. Specific go to China, perhaps prospective UniCom IPhone is not the mainstream of the market certainly, but look at present, it can set an example to arriving since 3G market of China at least and incentive effect. Of course the operation business that the premise of all these still depends on us how the action of look upon terminal and the real action that take for this.

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