Clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror: IPhone develops personnel to permit consultative exposure

Occupy foreign media to report now, application development of malic company demand person sign " agreement of accredit of IPhone developer project " by exposure, foundation of electronic forward position (EFF) makes a comment to this, point out profit of company of apple of deflection of its clause one-sided, cloggy competition and innovation. Project accredit agreement the first: Do not discuss this project with alien. Before beginning a project, the apple asks to develop personnel to sign on the detailed list of a series of rights. These rights include to develop personnel to be able to offer the application that is overruled through other channel, can sue an apple and ask the compensation of 50 dollars above, can have converse project, design data from existing product derivation namely, perhaps revise IPhone and its software development kit (SDK) , can discuss consultative content directly with the apple even. Afore-mentioned content are in of newest exposure " agreement of accredit of IPhone developer project " in somewhat " allude " . This agreement keeps secret for the apple before this, press nowadays " information freedom way " set and be able to announce at the world. Foundation of electronic forward position (The Electronic Frontier Foundation, this EFF) week expresses to had obtained this agreement in the evening the new version March 2009. EFF notices American aerospace bureau before this (NASA) once research and development an IPhone application, employ then " information freedom way " , requirement NASA offers the agreement that signs with the apple. NASA thinks malic agreement suffers really " information freedom way " tie, provided this agreement copy EFF then. Consultative content " do not have wonderful part " . EFF lawyer fred - Feng Luoman (Fred Von Lohmann) makes following inducing to the window in the agreement: 1. Prohibit developing personnel to discuss this agreement publicly. 2. The application that uses IPhone software to design a development kit must apply a shop to have transmission through the apple, be banned by the apple that is to say or the application of screen cannot provide an user through the imperscriptible application shop such as Cydia. 3. If develop personnel to be sued, the apple does not exceed the share of 50 dollars in only responsible loss. 4. Prohibit converse project, prohibit making other right malic software development kit (SDK) has converse project. 5. Prohibit abusing malic product. Do not allow to develop any modification that is to say or invade the application of malic product. 6. The apple has authority to announce the digital certificate of a certain application is invalid at any time. This really it doesn't matter makes a person amazed: Although any application obtained digital certificate to be recalled likely also at any time, we had seen such thing has happened many times. Fred - Feng Luoman points out: "If mobile equipment of the apple is how-to,wear the future of the computer, so we can foreknow, this future will be full of the limitation of pair of innovation and competition, the PC times photograph before this kind of limitation and this is compared, it is a go even farther than. " " the person that see the apple serves as current market and pioneer, cover for whole market on chains, make a person depressed really. " whole agreement lean to one side, only right malic one-sided is advantageous. The apple when releasing beginning with malic application shop however and the confidential agreement photograph that develop personnel are compared, what may this calculate far from. The apple asked to develop personnel to sign an agreement 2008, prohibit discussing the course of research and development of IPhone OS 2.0. Development staff is very cheesed to this, because this agreement will make,they cannot be in mutual between method of discussion process designing. Subsequently the apple deleted this part content in confidential agreement, state formulate agreement just stems from the consideration that protects intellectual property.

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