In " the cloud " carry Jobaya to check service of IPhone video order programme

Apple (Apple) the front is faced come from British company to be in the new challenge of side of business of video of IPhone, IPad. Jobaya was developed recently be based on Yamaxun AWS cloud solution of order programme of video of the IPhone of infrastructure, IPad. Content will store through this cloud establishment, turn to pile up and be poured out of. Facility of this avery kind of that serves a support uses the Web application program that defines oneself, at present supportable IPhone is mixed IPad, still will extend the equipment that is based on Android and Windows Mobile further henceforth. Differ with the ITunes in needing to download content Mac or PC first, the product of Jobaya can download IPad directly through WiFi in, in can downloading content IPhone directly through 3G and WiFi. This service is in the test phase related to IPhone at present, be about to begin the test on IPad. Jobaya turns from what already began to have content of movie and TV since last year October a job, already finished many 400. Work of each movie and TV stores with multilingual format, can undertake optimizing according to different equipment and different network state. Jobaya still plans to roll out to press content service that pays fee in this summer. Company initial stage plans to obtain the license of 1500 work. The father Philip John of Jobaya expresses: "We still have the problem of a few licenses and capital respect to need to solve, we also need to strengthen store the quality of the video in existence cloud establishment, but so far, everything goes well. We aim to build a system that owns a large number of content, and cloud establishment of Yamaxun offerred a possibility for us, but another key is the network application method that implements not to suffer an apple to restrict. Pass relative to less change, we already reached the framework that can support any equipment. " Jobaya is developing interface of applied process process designing for its solution at present, this interface will allow Bai Biao and define an operation oneself.

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