The battle of Apple and Google: Or the war that is two people only

Ever resembling is a paragraph of good fellowship is germinant. 3 years ago, google CEO Schmidt trots all the way enter an arena that is located in san Francisco, with handclasp of Apple author Qiao Busi, help him be mixed in the reporter of year MacWorld congress cluster round before release the IPhone that crosses a times. Both sides tall canal tells audience, google and Apple coact bring IPhone Google search and map service. Schmidt says for fun, collaboration is so close together, two companies should be amalgamative, incognito cry " AppleGoo " . Schmidt says to his affined Qiaobusi: "Congratulate you, si Difu. This thing is met very fire " . Qiao Busi anounces to one's heart's content to laugh. There has not been this kind of warmth today. Qiao Busi, Schmidt and their company is mobile computation and mobile phone did not come and life-and-death fights, the recast of adumbrative digital world. In past half an year, apple and Google already were in and buy the respect such as program of layer of case, patent, management, advisory, IPhone to count second fight hand to hand. Qiao Busi and Schmidt the attack that go up in media and company of the other side ever had sufferred in company interior communication. This month, apple sues HTC, charge produced the Taiwan manufacturer of Android system mobile phone this to violate IPhone patent. What this action is regarded as Apple extensively to launch legal sneak attack to Google is germinant, also be to postpone trial that Google has in the dilate of mobile domain. The product that Apple believes smartphone and flat computer and so on should try to be controlled strictly and use demesne standard. The client should pass the program that downloads from place of shop of Apple oneself program to gain the advantage on the service. And Google hopes the smartphone can have open blame demesne platform, let an user can get the order that applies to a lot of type freely through the network. Google all the time since the service that the operation chamber of commerce that waits for competitor and Verizon and so on in afraid Microsoft, Apple bans him on the equipment such as the smartphone, and these equipment are about to replace the computer to make the main way that leads to a network. Google promotion Android is to control the destiny that he is in mobile world substantially. Although the conflict part of Apple and Google results from of philosophical concept different, the part results from interest, however among them also be mingled with is worn the fight that place of private kind and enmity urges, this also is conflict of group of science and technology all the time the apparent feature since (be like Intel VS AMD, microsoft antagonism whole world, etc) . But be opposite according to us investor of home of the observation inside more than 20 course of study, Silicon Valley, bilateral company is currently held the post of/ of predecessor employee interview, the conflict between Schmidt and Qiaobusi is fresh the ground showed animosity and ambition (great majority suffers the consideration that interviews employee to stem from the job and commercial concern to go up to ask to oneself the identity keeps secret) . There are a few treason tastes in the core of conflict: Qiao Busi believes Google produces appearance, technology, immanent color the alliance that the mobile phone of similar IPhone had violated two companies. Say simply even if the pocket that he feels he extends the hand into oneself in the friend of Google. The Apple after IPad news briefing ended January held staff plenary meeting, according to description of two present employee, qiao Busi says on the meeting: "We did not enter search industry, but they entered mobile phone industry however. Did not make a mistake, google is to want to strangle IPhone. We won't let them prevail " . Among them an employee still says Qiaobusi mentions Google for many times on the meeting, the catchword that debases Google with bad language even " not do evil " , follower people anounce thunderous applause for this. Apple rejects to make a comment to this. The two author Larry Page of Google and Sergey Brin ever stated he are right publicly of Qiaobusi admire, google states he is done not have with once be at war federally, company spokesman Jill Hazelbaker says: "Apple is precious partner, we are in to them the contribution that made for place of field of science and technology in 30 old time in the past is full of devoir " . Schmidt also assentations in a statement: "With a lot of people, I still believe Steve Qiaobusi is current world's best CEO, I also admire Apple and Sidifu very much " . Throw this kind of statement, world of science and technology is cherishing the affection that astonishs Yu Jingwei to look on the battle of Apple and Google. [1] [2] [3] [4] issues one page

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