Zoology of IPhone platform development shows besides: Be born already gem He Shengliang?

The word says fabaceous valve pays close attention to IPhone platform very much recently, they just rolled out version of IPhone of fabaceous valve broadcasting station. So, fabaceous valve invited a lot of people to go the problem that fabaceous valve develops about IPhone and IPad a little. In fabaceous valve I am big Kan a view that develops development to IPhone, so very High, come back to cook to wife yesterday evening regrettablly, next still one pile an issue in the evening, did not have time to arrange train of thought to be written down that day, regrettablly. It is my what I just arrange a few idea below: 1, IPhone and Android a which platform have an outlook more I more value IPhone platform (include IPhone, IPod Touch, broad sense also includes IPad) , the reason is me those who think it is the most important that the success is gained in floating platform future is open with the standard. IPhone is above hardware close completely, issue channel to go up also very close, so why do I still value it? IPhone is in of hardware level close the seriation that assured a product, standardization, tripartite developer should cherish this most. After-thought history, the total sales volume that Motolora mobile phone is in China may be the hundredfold of IPhone, but although have so much user, but the application that did not produce any truly wide popularity. Be Motolora does not have smartphone platform so? Either, motolora is the big player of platform of almost all and popular smartphone on market. When J2ME just appears, the development kit that I download, the simulator inside is based on the Motolora mobile phone of all sorts of design namely, a few popular mobile phones supported Motolora at the same time at that time J2ME. When Nokia does Symbian, motolora also is manufacturer of the first batch of collaboration. The figure that the platform such as Linux/Android/WinCE never also passes Motolora less (recently the Android platform mobile phone of several conflagration is Motolora manufacture) . Before IPhone horizontal stroke is born for nothing, only Nokia is in what the productive strain that S60, S40 stands fast to wait on Symbian lists, standardize the products plan of seriation. Redound is in namely mobile the Java area of 100 treasure chest, game, application is For Nokia almost. This is the market and the distinction that integrate the market, the user amount of IPhone, short-term inside the user amount that exceeds Motolora without the likelihood definitely, but IPhone user amount exceeds Motolora already an any mobile phones (or mobile phone of a relevant series) user amount, this is the necessary soil that produces popularity application. So, because of the seriation of the product, standardization, nokia once had had him to be in of smartphone domain brilliant. But industry of whole mobile phone too firm condition is self-given, nokia too firm condition is self-given. Since 7650 since, I had used the S60 mobile phone of a lot of Nokia, although performance is better and better, the exterior more and more cruel, but nearly 10 years, improve truly greatly not much, it is difficult that development remains the same, the operation is inept still. The word says that day, I see on the subway a beautiful women's and handwritten pen goes pulling the scroll pen that uses mobile phone right, wish to cry greatly, "Your regret, do not waste life, buy an IPhone! " . This is IPhone actually before appearing, the most apparent show with self-given condition of firm of mobile phone industry. What I cherish especially is software level is open, to the development of tripartite developer. This nods a likelihood also somebody does not agree, they think level of IPhone platform software also very not open, for instance cannot tiring-room runs tripartite program, cannot issue by oneself, cannot develop tripartite input method to wait a moment. But, these a variety of confine, some I believe the likelihood is level sex, some are to make the profit that distributes channel taller. Overall for, below a variety of uses in IPhone platform restriction that if you want to develop,I think, can do, so IPhone platform is opposite namely for you, it is current best floating platform, also be the openest floating platform. Open the issue that is a many level, not be to say the source is constant the openest, IPhone platform applies richly at present, rich documentation, convenient development environment, this also is the main component that platform opens a gender. In the meantime, the channel dominant position of IPhone platform also cannot be ignored completely. Recently most a of fire relevant news is, version of IPhone of corpse of plant big fight earned 1 million dollar 9 days, the PC version of this game, be in China early had been the very popular thing in the white-collar. This company is in this game should be early also made a lot of money, but weak point sale of 9 days acquires 1 million dollar, I think they are in a lot of platform are very inaccessible. This is the one key that malic company makes meticulously pays fee, the meritorious service that convenient software publishs a system (the contribution of the slashing regulation that is accurate of their a lot of your people even) . Before, I have how many IPhone to make a whisper all the time after all to China, these two days, I asked one is in home very the friend in the company of igneous application, the App that the number that he tells me is their company has 1 million free user of the left and right sides at present, have 5% users of the left and right sides paying fee. Such I got a very good reference is worth, so I am OK of resolute and decisive say, IPhone amount of China should be 1 million above. Allegedly fabaceous valve just go up the flow that the broadcasting station IPhone of the line uses, one when had taken total flow of fabaceous valve broadcasting station comparatives scale, and corresponding Android version still becomes silent quite at present. I had a friend to do very information website of fire, the IPhone that they did a Web year ago is optimized edition. Then I want to help them do the App of a government with respect to volunteer one's services, the result took Api I had not started work. The friend told me to had appeared an imperscriptible App, and App of the Web edition that IPhone optimizes now and this tripartite, had achieved them to always visit the 1/4 of the quantity at present. 2, so am I complete do not value Android platform? Also not be of course. The competitive assimilate to of the IPhone platform that somebody leads the Android platform that Google leads now and Apple in those days the big fight of PC and Mac machine, must say, I also like this analogy very much, the place that has too much and too much likeness really. In hardware respect, IPhone and in those days Mac opportunity is same, close, without compatible machine, without manufacturer of tripartite hardware. Will look from software, IPhone platform does not open a source, android platform opens a source. So if go looking with opening talked point of view only,did not come, apple should be without an opportunity, google surelies win. But, I not so look. Above all we review the history, PC platform hardware is open really, but software is not wide-open, cpu also is not wide-open. The great victory of this open system, I once had an article anatomize to pass, those who have fun at is OK look " standard, should earning money to be returned besides the standard is a standard " . The truth in short in article is, the founder IBM of this great victory that develops a system is the person that be benefited far from, mastered two standards to be in the Microsoft of the hand and Intel just are conqueror. And we want carefully to come today, what this open platform opens is proper, formal because of these two crucial levels not wide-open, just assured although this platform is very open, but the product that is a standardization all the time. The program that you write in the PC of Dell, can move in the HP, IBM, PC that associates even, this height standardization assures. So, the teaching material that too much success learns, consider prate to open only, and do not go raising a level; Perhaps raise a level only and do not carry open. I think is incorrect, be in in fact now, a system should score a success, I think the key is to should hold open and the balance between the standard, cannot because open, and disregarded a standard, vice versa. Each the strategy of Android is medium nowadays bits, I like very much, but it is mixed in standardization issue channel to go up, have huge gap really with IPhone. Standardization and compatibility respect, there is an apparent case recently, the author @an0 of an Android software that is called Leech Killer is tormented to get final decision to abandon the development of this software by the incompatible sex between Android mobile phone recently. His write: I am very sad announce: Leech Killer is dead already, occupied burn paper. It is the Android mobile phone with too much incompatible each other killed it. In so confused world, the tool software that involves phone function cannot have been safeguarded by a person. Leech Killer cannot work normally on a lot of new fund mobile phones, the user is very angry, consequence is very serious. Someone says even, it is one Tuo: (I am very sorry, friends, I had tried hard really, but appearance of my hand pilot what even you is not clear about ─ I am impossible that the mobile phone of all design buys. Rest, my child, I can miss you, those your old robot friends also meet. I think manufacturer of big shop sign of so much international is participated in all along, had had the smartphone revolution that controls 10 years, because lack is enough,the reason that won'ts do 10 years is good standard, so the client carries compatibility difference. And now Android this single platform, the incompatible sex problem of its itself had begun to become an austere issue. Develop general application, not bad perhaps, always involve hardware, the program of cruel, and game, have higher demand to compatibility generally speaking. Need a shortcut key than applying him like, and some mobile phone lacked a key to cause this fast key to cannot press, etc. For instance an application needs sensor of GPS+ gravity acceleration, but some mobile phones have GPS only, and without gravitational acceleration sensor. More likely is a game, you accomplish some below a certain resolution excelsior later, the bestows favor on resolution newly to follow you unexpectedly game that discovers Android platform suddenly does not match, want to do countless adjustment again. Believe 10 years this to come, mix mark to have experience greatly at the tripartite developer of floating platform. As serious as compatibility problem is, the market of Android does not have the channel capability with so strong App Store, this also is the issue that cannot ignore at present. From long-term in light of, I am increasing to the view of this world yuan, at the same time because multivariate better and better also. I think IPhone platform and Android platform future are very possible on very old rate stand up to sb as an equal, have respective core value, have the catenary of zoology of tripartite developer that differs severally. This is not the result of big fight of PC and Mac, because of that times, whole world is not enough also multivariate (still have a lot of detail of course, did not analyse this old chasm today) . But if Android wants to reach such phase, should be in compatibility / standardize a respect to make massive effort. Still need to be opposite release medium of communication massive effort is made on their App market namely. Current till, the proposal that I consider to put forward is platform of IPhone of base oneself upon is given priority to make development, the OK and proper energy with be paid certain is in Android platform, perhaps be only first wait-and-see Android just. I am happy the world that sees future, since is open, it is multivariate. Only the user of a kind of choice is the most pitiful user. PC this so-called the openest platform, also did not become those who let an user can choose Windows only later, is OS level not worth quite open platform? Simply we have Linux and Mac, everybody just had more choices, just also drove Windows to make a lot of improve.

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