Will the apple hit application of IPhone electron book to pave a road for IPad?

Foreign media is written today civil say, appear on the market as IPad the drawing near of date, the apple can hit the electronic book application in using a store likely, ensure the user of IPad experiences thereby, the success that is this product paves a road. Sweep Huang Yuwei to go between a few months, the apple began a series of operations, deleted a large number of useful to the user and relatively friendly to domestic member application from inside using a store. This company is begun above all " sweep yellow " the action, deleted thousands of application that concerns with the gender, move again subsequently besides so called " convention " (Cookie Cutter) application, namely the one or more IPhone that applies the stencil that founds service institute to offer to write applies have the aid of. Dan Ping hits additionally one kind of product that uses a store likely still henceforth if really: Electronic book applies. According to recent report, in malic application the shop applies 150 thousand times entirely in, electronic book application occupies 27 thousand, make measure a kind of most application into amount to, and the amount of this kind of application still is continueing to increase. Need to state above all, express without any message personages at present, the apple deletes the many electronic book application in using a store of purpose. But the application of IBook electron book that considers him apple will follow IPad flat computer to be rolled out together, a series of blow that add an apple to spread out to using a store recently act, because this apple changes pair of electrons,the policy of book application also won't make a person feel accident. Delete motive to a few big reasons may make an apple hit electronic book application. Chief reason is the user experience that assures IPad. A function with most main IPad is to use IBook application to read electronic book, this application can act as not only electronic bookshop, and can provide beautiful electronic reader. But the information according to malic website, IBook won't be installed to be in IPad beforehand. Although the apple can discharge IBook the chief position that using a store, but still can cause a lot of promiscuous. After assuming an user bought a brand-new IPad, the decision buys · of a mark to spit above all lukewarm (of Mark Twain) " imp roams about write down " (Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn) , but he was not bought however through IBook application, applying the search in the shop however. That can appear at least 25 electronic book application that stress this work technically, price comes in 0.99 dollars between 5 dollars. Every application is had read an interface differently, a lot of more inferior than IBook much. And every time the electronic postscript that the user downloaded to differ originally through using a store, can use a brand-new interface. This is not the result that the apple wants it seems that. Besides, malic application shop is messier also. Place of preamble of no less than says, the apple hopes what a lot of notting matter application is deleted. Although use the electronic book application of store high quality thering is no lack of, but still having a few application is only will " Gudengbao plans " (Project Gutenberg, interpret notes: It is a changes with the electron form with freedom, be based on Internet, offer the plan of a coordination that copyright expires and enters public domain book in great quantities. It is the first digital library, the input of all books is will finish by the volunteer) graph satchel outfit is in in very simple electron reader, because this quality assures hard. Can say even, the great majority in the electronic book application that uses a store belongs to this kind of product. And the problem that this also is malic concern. Electronic book application has made a kind of the most welcome product in using a store, if continue to grow with current rate, will hold most proportion in all IPhone application. What still apprehension needs to make clear is, I do not think the apple can be banned be similar to Yamaxun such electronic book applies Kindle or Stanza. This kind of product can be besides fundamental books application provide more functions, and ban these application to be able to produce unfair competition problem. Although the apple wants agog to promote the electronic book of IPad to read an experience, made acquisition is successful, but the electronic book application that because the apple has similar product,deletes large developer merely is a kind of unwise practice. The apple did not install IBook beforehand in IPad, also be to stem from same consideration probably. But still a few reasons make an apple won't hit any electronic book application. Above all, the apple can obtain pretty good cent to become in the income from application paying fee, accordingly this company does not care is to pass tripartite to develop business to get income after all, the IBook that still is him have the aid of is achieved close. Besides, consider public relations cost even. The apple can is without scruple the ground spreads out sweep yellow action, the reason depends on can standing to safeguard his to view the right of bikini picture without the person. But if the apple uses the electronic book of thousands of,delete from inside using a store, can face tremendous crisis. Although the user still can pass IBook to find same electronic book, dan Ping still can denounce because of this if really by the person. Of course, the apple finds a kind of eclectic method likely also. The apple can apply this kind conceal from inside searching a result, make although the apple faces IPhone likely also to roll out special IBook application) ,can be used at IPhone(only. The apple can prohibit likely still new electronic book application is garrisoned applied shop, but won't delete existing application. Or the apple also can be in relevant search adds such advertisement in the result: "Do you know this book also can pass IBook to read? " anyhow, although I do not recommend this kind of action, but I still suspect, be in before long in the future, the electronic book that wants to download independence through malic application shop applies, may put in certain obstacle.

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