Who can keep out malic temptation? Taliban also loves IPhone

Beijing time on March 12 message, the discovery with foreign amazed recently media, one of leader of tower benefit squad the lover that Abodule Salamu also is malic IPhone mobile phone unexpectedly. According to the report, one of leader of squad of Afghan tower benefit the IPhone lover that Abodule Salamu is an one hundred percent, the reporter that is in Qatar peninsula TV station even interviews him in Afghan capital Kabul when, this person also does not forget the white IPhone that takes out his to use. The reporter of peninsula TV station asks Abodule's IPhone installed what software, abodule says, the difference of the software that he installs and other person not a few, "My addiction, internet is too fast, too great. " the website that he still gives a reporter to reveal him to like to look on IPhone. Abodule Salamu is religious cacique of Taliban and political cacique, ever held the position of Taliban to be stationed in Pakistan ambassador. In Pakistan army recent encircle and suppress is arrested in the action.

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