Opera Mini will refer App Store examine and verify to may meet with refus

Beijing time on March 14 message, according to foreign media coverage, zhou Wu of spokesman of government of Opera of Norwegian browser manufacturer expresses, opera counts Zhou Houhui its Opera Mini of IPhone edition browser refers malic examine and verify. Opera alleges, the Safari with its browser will more acquiescent than IPhone speed is 6 times faster. And whether can the apple apply through this, return at present unbeknown. When be asked when Opera refers Opera Mini formally the apple, opera spokesman Thoms - Ford (Thomas Ford) express: "The time that I cannot give out to be cut truly, but very should fast, it is probably in number week. " at present Opera Mini browser has landed blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android platform. It is reported, in be not smartphone market, opera Mini has 5000 much users every months. The personage inside course of study says, the apple can reject Opera Mini probably to enter IPhone application store. Because of the apple the Ceng Ming before this expresses truly, the tripartite application with as existing as IPhone similar function cannot pass examine and verify. Ford says, opera is applied without intent apple pressure. He says: "Test job has been finished, we had made preparation to release, we should let an user watch its show. " the apple has not published any comments to this. Opera advocates Opera Mini and Safari are disparate, calling its the advantage is the webpage is record in speed faster, and Safari suits to edit the data processing operation such as Google documentation more. The mechanism of Opera is to pass their server to run a webpage, be record in basic data to be record in speed in order to promote a page only. Whether can the apple allow another browser appears on IPhone, still cannot decide now. Ford expresses: "We thought to abide by regular clause of the apple completely oneself. "

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