The news when Han couplet company expresses to will offer IPhone fact uses platform

On March 16 message, occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, han couplet company shows yesterday, use platform to IPhone and IPod news, news of real time TV is provided since this day. Accordingly, IPhone user from every sky midday 9 when to afternoon 6 when, can carry the news of real time TV that Han couplet company provides, in watch for a short while everyday newest news. If pass 3G to get online, the user needs to pay additional data endowment fee, because company of this Han couplet supports Wi-Fi to get online only,watch news, produce needless endowment cost in case. Han couplet company plans, business of TV news living broadcast will bear the weight of henceforth platform expands to a variety of multimedia terminal gradually, the smartphone that is like Android system. New user can download Han couplet company freely to use a program in malic App Store, existing user upgrades applied process to 3.0.0 version, can watch news living broadcast.

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