MonoTouch: Play XBox 360 with IPhone later!

This Zhou Yi, software developed business Novell to show a new technology, can make user of IPhone, Android also can experience game of partial Xbox 360. This game that is called MonoTouch software to be able to identify Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 develops tool XNA 4.0, can mix the resource engraft of Microsoft to the apple Gu Ge's platform. Because Microsoft oneself still does not have much platform to extend a plan, at present its game can move in equipment of Windows Phone 7 only. For more the specification of figure, novell demonstrated game of an Indiana Jones on the spot, the Microsoft before this ever also had shown the result that this game runs on Windows Phone 7 and Xbox. The Android version of MonoTouch still is in inchoate development phase, and IPhone edition will come out at the near future. Understanding Android information is nodded please I

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