"Corpse is wet " raid again " corpse crisis " lunar base lands IPhone

If you are not very the IPhone that diligent ground wipes you or IPod Touch screen, so play play this " corpse crisis " , can brush your screen shinily certainly. Gameloft announces, they will play corpse game at be being rolled out in IPhone and IPod Touch by March " corpse crisis " (Zombie Infection) . Erupted in south Africa virus of a blazing, turned local resident into carnivorous an eccentric person. Be sent the military Anderson of south Africa is seeking the elder brother course that be missing in, spread out life-and-death to fight with the corpse of fight closely mankind. Shawna is a journalist, she erupts in investigation corpse encounter with Anderson in the process of germ, they will fight twice side-by-side together. This game experience on IPhone and IPod Touch is very good, have higher picture quality not only, enter close mode to also be stimulated very much. Spend adroitly can become an issue probably, because we cannot be pressed overexcitedly,press screen, let player screen live breath, build the atmosphere of nervous stimulation.

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