Collect of message of the 4th acting IPhone: It is a fokelore nevertheless

Next sheet photograph the 4th acting IPhone to rise like the head to 5 million respecting resembling element present mobile phone bound, attention is spent the biggest, vermicelli made from bean starch is most should be IPhone, the every act of malic company can cause the attention of each mobile phone manufacturer. And the friend that pays close attention to IPhone knows certainly, IPhone should give the information with acting IPhone 4, but the message with acting IPhone 4 is just as spring elder brother and her vermicelli made from bean starch, be like corn more, but elder brother is fabulous only just! Since will begin last year in December, the apple comes out should roll out the message of IPhone4.0, all the time up to now, almost the news that every month can have it, that lets us be arranged, the hearsay of IPhone 4.0! Above all, 9 years on December 24, the apple announces, IPhone 4.0 photographs those who contain 500w like the head, at that time, personage of know the inside story discloses, the apple had ordered 45 million or so for mobile phone of the 4th acting IPhone photograph like the head. The supplier of CMOS video sensor with the biggest whole world science and technology of power of a person of extraordinary powers (OmniVision Technologies) had obtained an apple the 4th acting IPhone photographs supply agreement resembling a head, order reachs 45 million in 40 million, photograph promotion of resolution resembling a head to come 5 million like element. Besides, the width of the IPhone rear cover of exposure is 57.3 millimeter. Length is 113.5 millimeter, add thinner than present IPhone 3GS rear cover, disassembling apparently admiral will be a few easier. It is reported, science and technology of power of a person of extraordinary powers is an apple of the 3rd acting IPhone photograph supplier resembling a head, the order this year reachs 21 million for 20 million, photograph resolution resembling a head to only 3.2 million resemble element. Will release the 4th acting IPhone to will deserve to touch the coverage that because media is lengthy and tedious,dominates crust in June, people will lade to new generation IPhone the function is stronger photograph resembling a head is to do not have any suspicion almost. But new IPhone4.0 still can support touch accuse crust to still do not have exposure for the first time at that time! It is strange that everybody can be compared certainly, touch what is accusing crust? Everybody's OK and simple understanding is, your mobile phone rear cover also can be touched accuse to operate, can be opposite from crust control when take a picture anxious! This report says IPhone of malic new generation will have a lot of innovation, include the software in the mobile phone and hardware respect to be able to bring many new change, for instance new generation IPhone will configure as similar as the Magic mouse that released last year plastic case. Its characteristic is to if Magic mouse touched the plastic outer covering that controls a function to replace mechanical key-press through support in that way,also be met, make new generation IPhone OK also thereby offer in mobile phone back touch control a function. Photograph respect of configuration resembling a head as to the buy inside new generation IPhone, robert. Old (before Robert Chen) confirmed, the meeting of the hearsay is configured 5 million photograph the version that resembles a head like element, state mobile phone of IPhone of new generation apple is in photograph the Nexus One that will release with Gu Ge like respect of head portrait element to dress. Although malic spokesman Steve Dowling states they won't be right the rumor of the outside or guess make a comment, but it is so far in a lot of hearsay around new generation IPhone, the view that the IPhone 4G that is announced this has tactility case appears have appeal most. Although people cannot decide this one function application arrives over IPhone,can bring what kind of result, but do not eliminate the back after when using IPhone to take a picture, the user can be passed in the future to undertake is opposite anxious or it is the likelihood that the function such as scorch adjusts. Accordingly, integrated in light of the hearsay of each respect, apple as always resemble going 3 acting IPhone in that way, mobile phone of newest money IPhone is being rolled out on the plenary meeting of World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) that will hold every year June will be current most authentic view. [1] [2] [3] issues one page

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