All Iphone 4G conceptual design

First design drawing starts from preceding period of time iPhone the 4G on-line to make public to the present, we discovered that has more and more designs on-line to appear one after another. Today we extract some quite good related design, these design's name almost is similar, for instance: iPhone Ultra, iPhone Luxe Game, iPhone Long Future and so on.
iPhone Long Future(Iphone 4G)
iPhone Long Future

iPhone Luxe Game(Iphone 4G)
iPhone Luxe Game
iPhone Ultra(Iphone 4G)
iPhone Ultra
Robert Davis(Iphone 4G)
By: Robert Davis

NANO(Iphone 4G)
Imitates the NANO design

Iphone air(Iphone 4G)
Also folds double touches the screen can protect the touchscreen, after the fold, can on the small screen carry on the operation

Jim Young(Iphone 4G)
By: Jim Young

Mat Brady(Iphone 4G)
From designer Mat Brady, has designed the direction key and two functional keys specially for the game

Mat Brady(Iphone 4G)
From designer Mat Brady, includes the side-slipping keyboard and can carry on the video frequency telephone conversation the pretage camera

Rodolphe Desmare(Iphone 4G)
Designer Rodolphe Desmare, inspiration from Macbook Air curve line

Aaron Besson(Iphone 4G)
Brings slide keyboard's iPhone, designs by Aaron Besson

Tracy Hall(Iphone 4G)
Imitates the Nano design, the earphone contains the built-in microphone, Tracy Hall.

Isamu Sanada(Iphone 4G)
 From Japanese designer Isamu Sanada

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