Interpretation of the three features iPhone OS 4.0

1. Multitasking

A major weakness before the iPhone, than do not support multi-tasking, though it seems that the situation in the 4.0 version of the OS, will be resolved. But to solve the problem of switching between multiple tasks, Apple developed a new UI, the system will guide the user in the form of Windows.

2.Home key applications

Then the first point, multi-task switching procedures should be within 3.7-inch screen operation, even if the window is displayed relatively straightforward, is not easy to distinguish. At this point, as long as the double-click the Home button to further narrow the program to function icon may be a good solution.

3. Multi-account mail

The new version of the OS to support multiple mail accounts, users can receive more than one account under the new messages. In addition, can add new contacts to the main desktop, phone texting is more convenient.

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