iPhone 4G will replace the traditional electronic game four reasons

iPhone HD, iTouch, iPad range of products introduced, gradually changed the way people play video games to pursue high quality custom graphics and complex operations, the concept of simplifying the game, its tendency to subvert the traditional video game, because there are 4.

First: low amount of investment for the developer to provide a full range of design experience. App game development investment is far lower than the PC, Xbox360 and PlayStation3, but the development of space is much higher than they are.

Second: the game is cheap. App platform game for 9.99 U.S. dollars more expensive, usually games are 0.99-4.99 dollars, while a section of new PS3 games out sale price up to 59.99 U.S. dollars, although there are very strong high-definition picture, but only interested in the visual performance force will be sought after players, while the ordinary players only need the game entertaining to do.

Three reasons: easy to operate. Traditional joystick, you need players to spend days or even weeks of time to adapt, similar to iPhone(iPhone 4G) and Nintendo DS, the player likely to use, simple operation more difficult to break the boundaries of the game.

Four reasons: Players involved in interactive. Xbox360, PS3 though available online interaction, but the game is too intense, and Nintendo Wii and DS do not interact on the Internet system. This achievement iPhone to become the only casual games entertainment platform.

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