Shanzhai IPad from China

What is shanzhai? Can be understood as cheap copy, in China, many famous electronic products will be imitated, such imitations called shanzhai

The shanzhai IPad function than apples iPad fortress. This station master of the J10 used Intel Atom N450 processor + NM10 chipset, 10.1-inch LCD, 1GB DDR2 memory, 320GB SATA hard drive, 3300mAh battery, specifications for the 290mm × 150mm × 18mm, 0.9kg, and to install Bluetooth, Internet camera, WiFi, 3G module. And the use of 1GHz A4 processor, 16GB/32GB/64GB of genuine iPad compared to superior performance; course, the shanzhai iPad2 ~ 3 hours of flying time before the iPad 10 小时 not worth mentioning.

Operating system, iPad chosen iPhone OS, Apple continued style, and you can easily use the online store to purchase software, services. J10 is installed version of Windows 7 experience, operation and access of this approach.

J10 input in two ways: handwriting and soft keyboard. Tablet PC handwriting slow and unable to meet the daily needs of most users; soft keyboard input is more inconvenient, and block the live part of the interface to use a little inconvenience caused. To solve this problem, parts of a foldable silicone Plus Free soft keyboard.

Currently iPad does not support flash, but in China, more than half of web games, videos are based on the flash of many Internet resources will be unable to access; another, iPad continues the style of Apple accessories, even the optional USB Zhezhongjiben needs to be charged , to install slot, the user may spend a lot of the basic needs of time and money, while the shanzhai iPad do not have any fear - not just USB, Bluetooth, ranging demand for this common, with WiFi, 3G have become standard . Had to sigh: Sometimes really good strong shanzhai.

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