iPhone 4G launch in June this year, will use the back contact plate design

Upcoming iPhone 4G will likely have a similar model with the Motorola Backfilp back touchpad design. He also said the phone may be equipped with a 5 megapixels camera, 64GB memory, and configure the AMOLED display, battery life will be stretched.

Phone 4G will be listed this year in June, Apple iPhone 3GS will follow the first introduced when the pricing strategy, the price of the new model's price set at 199/299 dollars, while the 16GB capacity of the iPhone 3GS price reduction to 99 U.S. dollars.

iPhone 4G will not be released by the Verizon, iPhone's CDMA version will be available this fall, but will not be released in the United States, while in other countries such as China or Japan, or Japan from China Telecom Telecom KDDI launched. But Electronista site is considered as the world CDMA standard is still very difficult to unify, and therefore introduced a CDMA network for mobile phones in the country very difficult, and Verizon's CDMA network users will have reached 91.2 million, apparently A big market can not be ignored.

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