Microsoft will soon release Project Pink,VS iPhone 4G

Microsoft next week will release long-awaited's "Project Pink" own-brand mobile phone,iPhone is expected to compete directly.

Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry, Microsoft likely target for the highly mobile active young people, mobile phones look cool, support for multiple instant messaging accounts, e-mail, games, music and Facebook, but it will not install Microsoft WindowsPhone7, price also well below the iPhone and Google NexusOne.

Investors will pay close attention to Microsoft, because Microsoft had to give up in the past few years, handheld device market, is now back with extraordinary significance.

Project Pink produced by Sharp in Japan, from VerizonWireless sale. Project Pink will be produced by Danger Sidekick initial follow-up products. Danger's mobile phones equipped with sliding keyboard and rotating screen, the audience with Microsoft's Xbox game console, it is urban youth.

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