UCWEB-iPhone-specific version for chinese

IPhone immersed himself in the expansion of the global market, China's UCWEB have not been idle. For the iPhone, they developed a special browser users. They are also China's first third-party applications to the iPhone's mobile software delivery service. The iPhone user feedback, according to China's view, the highlight of this browser is that it can access WAP sites, sites with rich navigation and powerful file download.

UCWEB-iPhone-specific version of the mail interface and PC interface is very similar, and quite comfortable and convenient for sending and receiving e-mail. Meanwhile UCWEB-iPhone-specific version can be added when sending e-mail attachment in any format, giving Muzhiyizu brought great convenience. The company claimed that the iPhone browser to use the mail function UCWEB can equally comparable to the famous Blackberry (Blackberry) mobile phone, however Xiaobian eyes, this software is far from the level of detail can not be compared with international giants.

UCWEB-iPhone-specific version can receive mail in Doc, Xls, PPT, PDF and other formats of the attachments, and can be read directly on the phone.

Inbox and accessories download interface

We can see, UCWEB-iPhone-specific version of the email functionality continues the tradition of UCWEB in the interface functions are no drastic changes.

Currently, China Mobile and Apple has been progress in the negotiations, I believe iPhone, will be officially landed near the Chinese market. Various well-known software companies abroad compete to provide third-party applications for the iPhone, the domestic ability to slice, we do not know.

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