The 10 most anticipated features of iPhone 4G

For the upcoming next-generation iPhone OS, the industry has a lot of speculation. But no doubt, iPhone users most looking forward to iPhone OS 4.0 in the following 10 areas of improvement:

1.) Multi-tasking
Did you ever think you can run in the background Pandora (Pandora) player? Apple's push notification service (Push Notification) is only a stopgap measure. Services for third-party software, Apple iPhone OS 4 should provide a more comprehensive multi-tasking capabilities.

2.) Flash
Jobs seems engaged in a jihad, Flash may never be able to enter the iPhone. However, Apple's stance is not conducive to the majority of Web users. Although there are many problems Flash itself, but it is still a major Web standards, it will not quickly disappear. If the Apple iPhone and ipad really look forward to improved Web experience, then they must choose to support Flash.

3.) Social networking
As Apple's competitors, Palm, and Google's core program is threatened Apple phone. Facebook and MySpace should appear in our iPhone. By improving API interfaces, Twitter, and Foursquare also with our social circle closely linked.

4.) Search
iPhone in the Spotlight search can not access third-party program to store data, and can not be networked. Apple's Spotlight search program should develop a new API interfaces, making it function more comprehensive search program.

5.) Cross-program sharing
iPhone can not share data between programs. Security considerations in, iPhone limits the interaction between programs. If the application can transfer data with each other, then they can work together to provide your office efficiency.

6.) Wireless synchronization
iPhone through USB cable to the computer for data sharing. Currently, many third-party programs are available through the wireless network converter iPhone / PC file. Apple should allow iPhone users to synchronize data via wireless networks.

7.) Inbox
Many iPhone users want to see in the same place all the e-mail or SMS, iPhone OS 4.0 should be improved in this respect.

8.) Bluetooth Keyboard
iPhone's input space is very small, which greatly affect the user work efficiency. iPad tablet PCs have Bluetooth keyboard. Apple iPhone OS 4.0 should add this feature.

9.) Multiple Exchange accounts
iPhone can handle multiple email accounts, but only deal with one Microsoft Exchange account. iPhone users have requested this.

10.) Gmail
iPhone in the Gmail user interface is not beautiful. Apple and Google may now be a competitor, but they have the responsibility to improve Gmail.

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