Engadget announcement iPhone HD/4G just is comes from China's shanzhai phone

April 17, 2010, engadget.com has published an article "iPhone 4G: is this it?", But soon proved to be false!

Photos of the so-called iPhone HD is only the Japanese had a cottage iPhone PS treatment, in order to prove this assertion, insiders also a special release of the same real machine photos for comparison.

From the picture we can clearly see the machine is covered with the LOGO is not familiar with the Apple logo, while the aircraft is not only a removable lithium battery and the battery even faster to catch up with the length of the phone, and finally, the machine also comes with a 80GB memory, 64GB even than the legendary high, really fast to catch up with a small mobile hard drive it!

4th generation Apple iPhone will be opened in June WWDC (Apple Developer Conference) on the official release, so stay tuned!

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