Apple iPhone 4G 13 things not yet known

Recently, Engadget have published a web site suspected of fourth-generation Apple iPhone smartphone leaked photos. And according to the present situation seems, in mid-June 2010, Apple is not going to announce fourth-generation iPhone a smart phone-related details.

Currently, Apple's fourth-generation iPhone smart phone named exactly what we also remains to be seen, however, speculated that Apple will be outside the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD name.

Here, the author sums up for everyone remains to be seen Apple smartphone 13 things, these answers have yet to be revealed for us Apple, as follows:

1, iPhone 4G/HD run how quickly, how many more iPhone 3GS upgrade?

2, iPhone 4G/HD how the battery life?

3, iPhone 4G/HD total number of memory options? Is rumors of 80GB \ 64GB \ 32GB?

4, iPhone 4G/HD pixel screen how?

5, iPhone 4G/HD it contains only a carrier AT & T?

6, iPhone 4G/HD whether it is a 4G network to provide services to users of smart phones?

7, iPhone 4G/HD front camera will be included in what software?

8, iPhone 4G/HD what will be included in the image improved? Such as digital zoom.

9, iPhone 4G/HD the number of pixels the camera?

10, iPhone 4G/HD performance than the iPhone 3GS it has improved? Is it worth the user to purchase?

11, Apple will release with the iPhone 4G/HD related services?

12, iPhone 4G/HD how much the price?

13, the name of Apple's fourth-generation mobile phone what?

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