China has launched Shanzhai iPhone 4G (iPhone HD)

iPhone 4G is expected in June will be released, but even then one step ahead shanzhai manufacturers, launched shanzhai iPhone HD, do not know if this is Steve Jobs saw this, it would be very surprised.

This shanzhai iPhone 4G is still consistent with the iPhone candy bar design. Continuation of the iPhone is basically the shape of features. But it seems a bit thick, surprising is that only cell phones may be to improve the user experience, but also sent a support free stylus.

See next iPhone 4G shanzhai the back, although this is only Apple LOGO, but what you find is not? Please note that red circle marked areas.

This shanzhai iPhone HD, actually feel good, iPhone 4G the UI, both the characteristics of WM, but also the characteristics of Android, but also the essence of iPhone.

Cikuan shanzhai iPhone four generations, there are other features such as front camera, such as to replace the battery.

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