Sony offers 5 generation iPhone will reach 8 million pixel camera

Although the distance of the fourth generation of Apple's iPhone, released some time, but in accordance with the terms of thinking ahead of Apple, has launched its fifth generation of iPhone in 2011 plans.

Apple has selected a fifth-generation iPhone camera module suppliers, the suppliers to Sony, for the fifth-generation iPhone will offer 800 million pixel camera.

Analysts believe that by 2011, both AT & T and Verizon are the two carriers will have LTE 4G network technology, so they want the fifth-generation iPhone will support 4G of networking. Therefore, analysts believe that the fifth-generation iPhone will not only use 8 million pixel camera, will also support the 4G network features.

Now that fourth-generation iPhone, the camera module provider OmniVision, iPhone will offer five million pixel camera, and this fourth-generation iPhone could be named iPhone HD, it will be released this summer. In addition to the operating system version 4.0 brings iPhone will also be innovative in other areas. Anyway, Apple is time to bring some new things to the user, rather than simply the software and hardware improvements.

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