Verizon CEO: We want to operate iPhone 4G

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg has said it has expressed the hope that the operation to the Apple iPhone wish.

Since the 2007 launch of a generation iPhone, Apple in June or July each year will release new iPhone. The insider said recently, this year is no exception, Apple will release for the Verizon CDMA network version iPhone.

In this regard, Saidengboge not comment, but said, has expressed hope that the operation to the Apple iPhone wish. Verizon Chief Technology Officer Anthony Melone said late last year, Verizon has been prepared for the operation iPhone.

Mailun said at the time, Verizon is investing billions of dollars to upgrade the network, the data carrying capacity has been no problem.

At present, AT & T is the iPhone's exclusive carrier in the United States, but the contract is expected to expire this year. Many analysts believe that after the expiration of the agreement, Apple will be the largest U.S. mobile operator Verizon cooperation, so that iPhone is expected to double its market share.

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