Opera Mini for iPhone approved, over 1 Million Downloads the first day

Norwegian software company Opera Thursday said the company developed for the Apple iPhone launch Opera web browser downloads the first day of more than 100 million times.

Opera mini is a free mobile web browser that supports Web, Wap and other web standards, it was claimed that Opera Mini Opera download speeds faster than 6 times the Apple browser, support for most mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry OS and the Palm OS also with iPhone, etc..

IPhone launch in 3 years, Opera mini has finally entered the App Store, the official added to our download available to users, and shelves on the first day firmly hold a free download list of the first.

April 13, after Apple agreed to distribution through long-term review for the iPhone, Opera Web browser, open the Apple iPhone have insisted that the browser software market. Industry that this new market with huge profit potential.

Opera said the company developed the iPhone web browser to download faster than Apple's own products, up to 6 times faster data flow to reduce up to 90%.

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