iPhone 4G verzion: support video chat service (iphone verizon 2010)

Industry sources say that Apple just released a preview version of iPhone OS 4.0 has been found in iChat instant messaging software, part of the code.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 is not necessary to integrate iChat, iPhone platform has a very good variety of instant messaging software, part of which is the most popular App Store application. It is said that Apple's next-generation iPhone will configure the camera body front, it could not help but reminiscent of next-generation iPhone will offer video chat.

Apple released the SDK, the new analysis found that Apple is mentioned several times in the SDK video chat. The analysis also shows that Apple is 4 server test video chat services, of which 3 units within the Apple Online, 1 external open.

Insiders pointed out that Apple may not be ported to iPhone, iChat, and third-party applications to compete in the video chat service may use iChat part of the kernel code.

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