About the fourth-generation iPhone (iPhone 4G) release date rumors

With iPhone OS 4.0 official release, iPhone 4G finally opened its veil half sheets. One concern is the next generation iPhone will support multi-tasking, and joined the fun and engaging and the iBooks eBook. (OS 4.0 introduces new features click here)

Of course, in addition to upgrading its operating platform, iPhone 4G in shape and also change the hardware configuration, the present master of the situation, the aircraft will use a longer straight body shape, screen size and resolution are the upgrade (hearsay 3.7 inches). In the photo, the machine also will be built 5 million pixel camera, LED flash and support for the newly added video calling capabilities vice camera.

Currently, iPhone 4G has entered the countdown to the final stage of release, according to past experience some rumors about the machine (screen, camera) is basically true, be pointed out is due to iPhone OS 4.0 for the time being does not support the iPhone generation, two generation, so those who already purchased iPhone or iPhone 3G users, buying the fourth-generation iPhone should be the best choice for replacement

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