Verizon latest news:IPhone 4G Verizon VS Nexus One Verizon VS HTC EVO 4G Verizon

IPhone 4G Verizon: iPhone 4G on the naming, there have been iPhone Pro, iPhone HD, iPhone S, etc., multi-task, high-resolution in support of front camera, enhanced voice text conversion, these are the features we look forward to

Nexus One Verizon: Nexus One built-in 500-megapixel camera, auto focus not only support but also with LED flash, 2 x digital zoom, photo geotagging and other auxiliary functions.

HTC EVO 4G Verizon: HTC EVO 4G network, Sprint 4G is the first custom model, support rates of up to 150Mbps of WiMAX network connection, is also the world's first 4G technology to support Android system, phone, high-speed network support, and powerful hardware configuration.

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