iPhone sales in China reached 1.3 billion U.S. dollars

Yesterday, Apple released as of March 27 in the second quarter earnings, iPhone sales during the reporting period by continuing high growth, net profit increased 9 percent to 3.07 billion U.S. dollars, earnings per share of 1.79 U.S. dollars. Apple executives are disclosed in the conference call with analysts in China over the past 6 months increased revenue more than doubled, reaching 1.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said he was very satisfied with the results, said it would launch in the coming months for more new products. According to data released by China Unicom, since last October 30 the official sales iPhone, until December 10 to 40 days, Unicom iPhone sales were 100,000; in December 11 to 27 to 17 days, sales rise to 300,000, in 20 days, the average daily selling 10,000 iPhone.

On the same day, Apple also announced the official end of this month on sale in the U.S. 3G version of iPad.

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