Apple iPhone OS 4.0 block Adobe technology

Adobe's Lee Brimelow angrily platform in the iPhone 4.0 SDK Apple For the prohibition of cross-platform tools for decision. He believes that Apple would have no practical significance, and implicated a number of innocent developers.

He added. Flash-iPhone conversion applications mind just to help those who need to write applications for multiple platform developers, compared to, Adobe plug-ins in their own applications and other development tools on open the door completely.

Brimelow said: "We just wanted to innovative industry to provide a channel through which their work can log on more platforms as possible, we are not who or who want to exterminate the product."

Brimelow said that Adobe is still closely watching the situation, observe the next step. Apple has said will be his own until the other side "coaching change." Finally, he let it be directly on the Apple: "go to hell."

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