Apple iPhone 4G Release Date:Verzion iPhone 4G News

Industry generally believe that Apple is clearly in the further control the iPhone software development, software sales commission fees is one of Apple's revenue sources, Apple, Adobe and other companies do not want to insert.

The Verizon iPhone has been somewhat elusive and despite the iPhone 4.o OS coming out this summer, there’s still no word as to whether or not an Apple iPhone will be available on the Verizon network anytime soon.

iPhone OS 4.0 desktop wallpaper now support replace function, but in the past the desktop icons and text on the desktop black projection was changed to a more beautiful and soft shadows. In the iPad, when you flip the course of these shadows will move with the text and icons.

On the contrary, Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg states that he would like for the iPhone to come to the network, and that the ball is in Apple’s court so to speak. This indicates that there are either no immediate plans for an iPhone or that he’s just bluffing. We think the former is more correct.

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