Fourth-generation iPhone (iPhone 4G/HD) in erba Buena Center for the Arts released on June 22

of the venue, it is possible to organize this year's WWDC Conference. As the Apple in the past has organized many conferences of this site, including the iPhone 3GS's debut.

As far as rumored specs are concerned: we’re hoping to see a larger, higher-resolution display (940×640), upgraded camera with LED flash, video calling, RFID integration, a front-facing camera, and possibly an Apple A4 processor (the same processor powering the iPad) under the hood.

In fact, the Apple iPhone in the summer of each year for replacement has been well known, so in addition to the specific release date, the fourth-generation iPhone will come out in June this year, in fact things are not much suspense. The current rumors about this new generation of iPhone will be mainly concentrated in what kind of changes in functional, as its model name exactly what is iPhone 4G or iPhone HD will not seem so important.

Current AT & T selling iPhone, and rumors will sign the Verizon CDMA version of the iPhone is the first and the second largest U.S. operator, if Apple released two versions of the iPhone, then undoubtedly improve the sales performance of the new generation iPhone has played a great upgrade role.

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