Turtl/Pure verizon Release Date:Microsoft will release next week Turtl / Pure Smartphones,VS iPhone 4G and Nexus 0ne

Microsoft will next week release its own brand smartphones.

Development of smart phones on the Microsoft rumor a long time, in September last year, news that Microsoft is developing two new smart phones, namely "Turtl" and "Pure", were designed with slide, built-in full-function keyboard.

This year in March, Microsoft Smartphone third-party marketing data is leaked to the Internet, the document describes a detailed marketing plan which carrier partners Verizon.

Recent news that Microsoft will release next week its own brand smartphones. IPhone and Blackberry phones with different target users of Microsoft's smart phone is a stylish young people, they have multiple instant messaging accounts, regular e-mail, play games, listen to music, access to Facebook and other social networking sites.

In addition, the phone will not use Microsoft's latest WindowsPhone7 operating system, the price will be far below the iPhone and Google NexusOne.

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