iPhone 4G/HD 10 new features

Will release in two months will have the following new iPhone, some new features:

1, an increase of front video camera, video calling;

2, marked improvement in the back of the camera, not only than the current iPhone 3GS the camera to a large number of, and with a flash;

3, using the same version with the iPad 3G SIM Card Micro (Micro-SIM), to abandon the current standard SIM card;

4, screen resolution significantly improved, although still not sure whether the rumors of a 960 × 460 pixels, but at least the viewing area and display the results so than the iPhone 3GS significantly improved;

5, iPhone adds an additional top Mack, absorb noise, making available during the call clearer sound quality;

6, the volume buttons change the design with separate, independent two separate radio button;

7, the new machine's power, mute, volume buttons, and side of the border all the metal materials;

8, the internal battery than the iPhone 3GS increase of 16%, which means that the layout of other components more closely.

9, weight increase than in the past 3 g, body thickness becomes thinner

10, the back using Apple's proprietary technology, materials, not only have the shine, wear, scratch, etc, and perhaps more importantly, the ability to improve cell phone signal reception.

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