Steve Jobs confirmed Phone OS 4.0 no longer support the generation iPhone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an e-mail reply to users, said Apple's next generation iPhone will no longer provide support.

After news that a Steve Jobs of Apple users to write an email asking Apple to consider the future generation iPhone continue to provide support to Steve Jobs recently said a brief e-mail responses:

"Sorry, no.

This message is sent self-iPhone "

This also means that Apple will no longer support the generation iPhone. Insiders said that as technology continues to develop, the old products are phased out, this is reasonable. Apple held in the previous conference, Apple said the iPhone OS 4.0 only with the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch is not fully compatible with earlier versions, does not accurately indicate whether to continue to support generation iPhone. Jobs himself is now confirmed that the latest generation of iPhone will not run the iPhone 4.0 system.

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