Seven changes(new features) in iPhone OS 4.0

April 8, 2010, Apple headquarters in the United States, held a grand press conference, Apple fans look forward to a year-long iPhone OS 4.0 systems, such as about and we meet again.

Compared with a year ago, Apple released iPhone OS 3.0 firmware as it was when the iPhone 4.0 firmware compared to the 3.0, there has been more than 100 improvements, including the most major improvements are seven:


Just quick double-click the iPhone's Home button. The multi-tasking solution is, Apple iPhone 4.0 firmware adds the multitasking API.


In the new iPhone 4.0 firmware, you can implement a function similar to the computer folder, create a folder, you can put with different kinds of software to a folder.

3.unified inbox

unified inbox has been in the electronic devices we want to achieve, through a mailbox user can collect mail in different mail accounts, so as to achieve no classification for this purpose.


iBooks iPhone has finally landed, iPhone and iPad share the same stacks, users only need to buy one, you can under a unified account to your iPhone and iPad can also watch the books.


Similarly, U.S. companies, in the iPhone 4.0 system starts focus on business users, when we should be careful of the BlackBerry. The new iPhone 4.0 system to strengthen the business functions, data protection for mobile phones in place to support the latest Exchange Server 2010, and better VPN support.

6.Game Center

iPhone 4.0 a game center built to support online play, iPhone the game more to play 50 000, these games can be called on by the game center game with your friends and support the game online play. Game Center Support to invite friends, list, Yue Zhan functions.


iAd is a mobile advertising feature that allows the reception of your iPhone anytime, anywhere to the advertising push, through iAd, your ads can appear daily in various applications in 30 minutes, 10 ad appears each device, about a total of 1 billion times exposed.

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