Verizon iPhone announce(not rumors):Apple iPhone 4G Release Date in Q2 2010

About iphone 4G price, not rumors.But for the Release Date, has basically been confirmed

Sometime summer 2010 – but there’s more.

People truly believe it's as simple as making a CDMA version. It's not. The thing is, CDMA(the technology Verizon uses is outdated). It's very inexpensive, but very poor quality.

I am not sure as to who started this wild speculation about the launch of CDMA iphone.

If rumours are to be believed, then the launch of the Verizon iPhone may slash down the price of the device, for the consumers in US.

Named on the iPhone 4G is a mystery, here called 4G is not accurate, in the absence of an official name before, in fact, called the iPhone the most accurate four generations. iPhone Pro, iPhone HD, iPhone APPS, etc. These names, which are reflected in the next generation of Apple iPhone users expect.

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