iPhone HD processor chip will use its self-made

iPad brought A4 processor efficient and impressive long-term, while the iPhone, the Samsung processor when to have change? Korea Times tells us, A4 processor will come to iPhone HD, which is the next generation iPhone.

A4 is a based on the ARM Cortex-A8 of the SoC program, it is similar to the iPhone 3GS processor, but the built-in graphics core and a PowerVR SGX53 higher clock speed, while on the iPhone OS to do a special optimized, so you can easily A4 Play 720p video, and bring longer battery life.

It is not clear the A4 iPhone and iPad the same processor will run at 1GHz, or will be used to reduce the frequency of treatment, after all, the use of different mobile phones and flat on the endurance capacity of more demanding.

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