The next generation iPhone will use A4-chip processor

Apple iPad flat on the processor used, the official would have wanted the low-key, but in the end Fengyun A4 feast stir-fried chips, or be about that. Now the fourth generation iPhone will soon emerge, and before Apple is likely to give up the use of the Samsung processor, and to the same solution with the iPad.

There are many reasons of which the new generation iPhone will support 720p HD video play back is one very good one, but sufficient enough reason to do this? Jobs If you are able to tolerate the ears are filled with people every day talk Qualcomm Snapdragon, TI Cortex A8, or the Samsung do these high frequency of the CPU? Obviously not, not to mention iPhone OS 4.0 already has such a strong platform of advantages, Apple is no reason not to further expand its sphere of influence, even if such hardware is microprocessor market.

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