Adobe no longer invest in iPhone development tools recommended Android

Adobe's Flash platform developer relations chief Mike Chambers, product manager, said Tuesday local time, will no longer invest to develop Flash applications will be ported to iPhone and iPad tool.

The news that Apple and Adobe Flash war between the latest in a round. Apple has stated several times, Flash performance is too low, can not be used in iPhone. Apple also revised the iPhone developer agreement to prohibit the use of third-party developer tools.

Mike Chambers blog published Tuesday said, "We will remain available to support iPhone and iPad's Flash CS5, but we are not the function of further investment." Developers can use Flash's ActionScript recompile the application of the preparation so that they can iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad run.

Mike Chambers said the developers should be ready, Apple could from its App Store in the mobile application store to delete the existing content created using Flash CS5. He said that currently, App Store has over 100 models is to use Adobe's tools for application development.

Mike Chambers said, "Flash's primary goal is cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device application development, it is against Apple, Apple hopes to develop a platform on which are bound to limit their options, to give them to other obstacles to development and application platform. "

Mike Chambers pointed out that developers should not be limited to Apple's platform, resources should be used for Google's Android platform, such as Motorola's Droid Android mobile phone or tablet PC, "iPhone is not the only mobile platform."

Mike Chambers said that Apple's closed system of the industry, developers and consumers adversely, "I think the open platform will win over closed platform."

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