Visa In2Pay iPhone:Let cell phone instead of credit cards

Visa has partnered with mobile payment device company Fidelity In2Pay to the protective case for iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G, which turns your phone to create a credit card. The case used In2Pay Visa payWave contactless payment system in the credit card from a scanner is, and transmit credit card information from a small chip embedded in your card.

The case is being developed by DeviceFidelity and will let your iPhone play nice with the company's existing In2Pay microSD card. You'll just wave your iPhone at any Visa payWave terminal, which can already be found at some 32,000 retailers, and voila, you've made your transaction. It will feel like stealing, but it won't be.

It is expected that In2Pay will launch the second quarter of this year (which is any time now) with trials of the service being tested over the 2nd quarter.

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