ChangeWave: Many Verizon Wireless customers Really Want an iPhone

ChangeWave:more than half of surveyed users are more like apples Verizon phones.

Verizon iPhone, users have unprecedented potential demand. The 4000 survey used by Verizon's customers that if the iPhone open to other providers, Verizon will get huge profits.

Meanwhile, surprisingly, only about 8 percent of AT&T subscribers showed their willingness to switch carriers,10 percent and 14 percent respectively of Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers.

Of present Verizon subscribers 19% said they were “very likely” to buy an iPhone if it came to Verizon, while another 34% said they were “somewhat likely” to purchase one.

    * 49% of Verizon Wireless customers are very satisfied, while only 23% of AT&T customers are very satisfied.
    * AT&T customers had more dropped calls than Verizon customers.

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