Next generation iPhone(verizon iPhone 4G) found in vietnam [photos]

Vietnamese friend of external leakage of the fourth-generation iPhone in the picture! Is Apple's Privacy Policy and complete failure of it?

It appears that Gizmodo is not the only one iPhone to the next generation. New iPhone 4G photos appeared on the site, and it is the way of Vietnam, a haven for unpublished phone. The phone design is the same, but some subtle changes, not overlooked at the base and checked the capacity of 16 GB. The prototype, which had acquired ZIG XXGB screws and marked on the back.

The similarity between the two devices can also be seen here, like the rest of the XXX placeholder in the rear seal. Another notable difference, however, missing some screws on the underside. Apparently Apple has moved to eliminate unnecessary hardware because the phone is closer to mass production. If someone hates screws visible in their products, it’s Apple.

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