iPhone 4G will be built-in Facebook contacts synchronization within OS 4.0

We have good news for Facebook fans who is considering the next Apple iPhone 4G phone, as already reported that Apple would take over functions to integrate with Facebook in the iPhone OS 4.0 software plans.

the new iPhone will have Facebook contact syncing directly into the OS.Earlier this was a feature of the Facebook app for the iPhone but now it will come as a part of the iPhone's OS.They got some info on Apple integrating Facebook Connect into iPhone's SDK.

Other Facebook specific things that you might get in this year's iPhone is the integration of Facebook messaging just like your SMS for your contacts.

Another interesting point worth noting is that Apple may decide to include Facebook Connect features directly into their iPhone OS 4.0 SDK, which will allow developers to implement Facebook-specific features into their apps – which sounds very interesting.

Facebook is one of the most popular iPhone applications,It is reasonable to Facebook and Apple will more closely.

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