Verizon iPhone HD/4G release date on June 07,2010(Maybe rumors)

Apple has planning to start Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) ON June 07. During this event, Apple is expected to announce its iPhone 4G following the tradition of earlier events that brought iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Apple will finally be announcing their new Verizon iPhone during Worldwide Developers conference if rumors are true. An article on the Wall Street Journal estimates that Apple will release two iPhone 4G models:

One is a Verizon iPhone with CDMA support for Verizon’s network and another is an iPhone 4G[iphone 4g concept picture]. At least there will still be a new iPhone 4G this week if Apple does not launch a Verizon iPhone.

Whatever Apple decides but it is confirmed that Verizon customers are waiting for iPhone 4G as recent survey conducted by a research company suggested that 54 percent customers of the nation’s largest carrier are likely or somewhat likely to buy iPhone if it hits Verizon.

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