iPhone 4G/HD screen resolution confirmed at 960x640 by SuperPhone.cz

Fourth-generation iPhone(iPhone 4G) screen has been confirmed to be at running at a resolution of 960x640 by SuperPhone.cz. The site claims to have obtained a next generation iPhone screen (parts have been floating around) and magnified it under a microscope.

The Czech site reported on a screen that says component is used in the new iPhone, detailing its specifications under the microscope. We compared the high resolution panel new iPhone and its "incredible" 320 pixels per inch of screen against the existing HD2 HTC (217 dpi), the Verizon / Motorola Droid (265 dpi) One of Google and Nexus (252 pips).

Because the horizontal and vertical pixel density are exactly double that of current iPhones, scaling apps upward to fit the screen's new resolution will be even easier than the scaling that takes place for the iPad when running iPhone-optimized apps.

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